Schedule of sporting events 2019

Attention, this agenda is subject to potential modifications.

August 2019 at the Coque

21.08.19 FIBA EuroBasket 2021 Pre-Qualifiers Third Round Men Luxembourg – Great Britain Basketball Gymnase


September 2019 at the Coque

28-29.09.19 European Judo Open Judo Arena


October 2019 at the Coque

26-27.10.19 Luxembourg Youngsters International 2019 Badminton Arena et Gymnase


November 2019 at the Coque

09-10.11.19 Tournoi du Circuit européen Cadets Escrime Arena et Gymnase
16.11.19 Meeting d’athlétisme indoor Athlétisme Arena


December 2019 at the Coque

20.12.19 Laafmeeting 1 Athlétisme Arena