The ideal training venue for sports federations and schools, the d’Coque “Centre Aquatique” is also perfect for relaxing as a family or among friends, or simply for keeping fit.


The d’Coque “Centre Aquatique” has an Olympic-sized competition pool (50m) with a diving platform (1 m, 3 m, 5 m, 7.5 m, 10 m), a beginners’ pool, a paddling pool, solariums, a fitness suite and a lounge area.

In addition to these pools which are open to the public, the “Centre Aquatique” also has a sport and health pool reserved for swimming lessons, an Olympic-sized training pool (50 m) reserved for sports federations and schools and a dive pool accessible only to diving clubs accompanied by a suitably qualified attendant.

During national or international swimming or diving competitions, 650 seats are available to spectators in galleries overlooking the pools.


Numerous sports lessons are also available at the “Centre Aquatique”. For more details, click here.

Please note that the use of a bathing cap is mandatory in the Centre Aquatique. Bathing caps are available at the front desk or at the cashpoint of the Centre Aquatique.