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Le Centre Aquatique


The Aquatic Centre open again

The Aquatic Centre opens its doors!

Swimming and individual classes will be autorized again, except the collective classes which will stay suspended.
This reopening is followed by temporary but necessary measures to ensure the compliance of social distancing and the sanitary précautions.

To ensure the compliance of the regulations of distancing in all our infrastructures (changing rooms, showers, pools, ...) the capacity in the Aquatic Centre has been strongly reduced.

The Olympic pool and the learning bassin have been prepared into swimming lanes which will be attributed to you by our swimming instructors at your arrival.

The access to the Aquatic Centre only takes place to prior reservation via the form on a 2h time schedule basis

At your arrival, we invite you to announce yourself at the reception desk of the Aquatic Centre, without priority access for clients with a subscription to ensure reservation orders, and we ask you to pay by contactless card in priority. (Credit Card, Coque Kaart, etc.)

A changing room and locker number will be given to you at the entrance of the Aquatic Centre and we ask you to respect them when entering and leaving. 

A basket, sanitized after each use, will be handed to you in order to place your belongings into it. Personal bags and putting belongings down is strictly prohibited.

The starting plots of the olympic pool are not accessible.

The children's pool stays closed.

The access to the diving tower is possible under surveillance of a swimming instructor who will manage the access.

Specific zones have been provided which can be used to warm up or relax safely.

The chairs of the outdoor area are available in good weather.

We ask you to sanitize your sandals in the basins meant for it.

The use of hair dryers (fixed and portable) and the swimming wear dryer are not allowed.

For your security, the sanitary précautions have been strengthened. The installations will be sanitized after each 2h time period and we ask you to sanitize your hands at the hydroalcoholic gel stands, available at the turnstiles.. 

It is reminded that it is required to wear a mask in the entirety of the building and that it can only be removed inside the showers, the pools, for warm-up and while sitting on the chairs.

Finally, we'd like to draw your attention that it is essential to respect the social distancing by each individual, at every moment.


* Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a responsable adult.