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The Coque organisation

In accordance with the Structuring Act of 29 June 2000, the Centre is managed by a Board of Directors composed of nine members appointed and dismissed by the Grand Duke on the proposal of the Council of Government, including:

Mr. Marc Mathékowitsch (Chairman of the Board of Directors)Mr. Carlo Hastert (Vice-Chairman), Mr. Alex Goergen, Mr. Jean-Marie Haensel, Mr. Andre Hoffmann, Ms. Danièle Kohn-Stoffels, Ms. Rita Krombach, Ms. Isabelle Medinger  and Mr. Louis Reuter.

Mr. Christian Jung was appointed Managing Director of the National Sports and Culture Centre.

Mr. Marc Mathékowitsch, President Mr. Christian Jung, Managing Director
Mr. Carlo Hastert, Vice President    
Mr. Alex Goergen, Member    
Mr. Jean-Marie Haensel, Member    
Mr. André Hoffmann, Member    
Ms. Daniele Kohn-Stoffels, Member    
Ms. Rita Krombach, Member    
Ms. Isabelle Medinger, Member    
Mr. Louis Reuter, Member