Partnership renewal with Losch Luxemburg

Partnership d'Coque / Losch

Shared understanding of top performance: d'Coque and Losch Luxembourg extend their partnership. 

As part of its " Partner vum Sport" campaign, the Losch Group, which has already partnered with d'Coque in previous years through the Volkswagen brand, is now sponsoring with its own name.  The vehicle partnership will become a strategic cooperation. The aim is to jointly promote the use of innovative marketing campaigns. In addition, sports fans will find the Losch logo at almost all sporting events and on the big screen in the entrance area of the Coque. But the partnership will also be visible outside the Coque, with a new Volkswagen Arteon being handed over and establishing the link between top performance in sport and mobility on the road.

Christian Jung, General Director of the Coque: "We are particularly pleased about the deepening of our partnership because we are driven by the same spirit of always trying to optimize our offers and provide the best possible training conditions for visitors to the center, as well as inspiring people through our offer."

Michael D'Agostino, COO Import at Losch, can only agree: " The best partnerships come from a shared understanding of excellence. Just like the cooperation between the Coque and Losch. The Coque is an ideal stage to present the sportiness and dynamism of Losch Luxembourg to our national audience."