Take advantage of d’Coque Kaart, the “All in One” free card of the National Sports and Culture Center.
D’Coque Kaart is based on a classic personalized card or it can take the form of a bracelet*, which offers more comfort for the practise of sport.
*with a deposit of 15,-€

How to reload your d'Coque Kaart ?

For the reload of your Coque Kaart, please go to the reception desk of d’Coque.

How to use your d'Coque Kaart ?

To pass the ticket wicket:
Place your Coque Kaart on the red point of the turnstyle and pass the barrier:

The machin will debit in priority one of the benefits provisioned* on your card. In case your provisions are out of stock, the “money” amount will be debitated from your balance.

*entries to the Aquatic Center, Wellness department, sports courses,…

To use your Coque Kaart for payment at one of our cashiers or in the restaurants:

Please present your card to a member of our staff, who will debit the due amount by a card reader.

What is the purpose of the d’Coque Kaart ?

To stock:

Your subscriptions
Your entries to the Aquatic Center
Your entries at the Wellness Department
Your entrances to the sports courses

To deposit your money in order to pay without any constraints with regard to liquidity requirements:

Your subscriptions
Your sports courses
Your entries to the Aquatic Center
Your entries to the Wellness Department
D’Coque Products (swim-glasses, bath towels, bathrobes, swim caps,..)
Your gastronomic envies and drinks at the Brasserie La Coquille, the Restaurant La Perla, Dive’Inn Sportsbar, and Fresh & Fitness Corner.
Your entrance tickets for the events organized at d’Coque

The payment can be made either at one of one cashiers, or the amount is debitated immediately when passing the ticket wickets who delimitate the different departments of the National Sports and Culture Center.

What are the advantages of d'Coque Kaart?

A quick access without passing through the cashiers

An extension of the opening hours of the Aquatic Center
Access one hour prior to the opening hours from Tuesday to Friday. Access two hours prior during the weekends.

Up to 15% less on your purchase made with d’Coque Kaart valid on :

Entries to the Aquatic Center
Entries to the Wellness Department
Sports Courses (can not be combined with other reducted tariffs)

5% reduction for a reload of minimum 100 €
10% reduction for a reload of minimum 200 €
15% reduction for a reload of minimum 300 €

Access to numerous special offers

How to get my Coque Kaart?

You have to present yourself in person at the reception of d’Coque.

Yu make a subscription (for example for the Aquatic Center, the Wellness Department or a sports course)

D’Coque Kaart as well as its support will be handed over to you without any supplementary costs.

You want to deposit a certain amount 0n a Coque Kaart.