Weekly menus | Coque Luxembourg — piscine, sauna, fitness et hôtel au luxembourg

La Coquille

07.13.2020 to 07.17.2020


- 1/2 Roasted chicken
- Sea bass fillet with shrimp
- Whole-wheat penne, Mediterranean-style tuna

Red fruit panna-cotta


- Osso bucco milanese
- Whole sea bream flambéed in pastis
- Fusilli à l’arrabiata

Banana in foil, rum ganache


- Marinated pork gyros, roast juices
- St. Pierre with scallop sauce
- Farfalle with grilled vegetables and pesto

Iced nougat with dried fruit


- Homemade duck leg with orange
- Fish terrine in paupiette, dill sauce
- Spaghetti with gorgonzola and garlic croutons

Strawberry Shortcake


- Veal tab with shallot
- Swordfish steak with virgin sauce
- Ricotta ravioli with carrot sauce

Seasonal fresh fruit salad with mint

tel. 43 60 60 - 516

La Perla

06.01.2020 to 06.05.2020

Monday — Sunday

Le restaurant La Perla est fermé jusqu'à nouvel ordre. Rendez-vous à La Coquille.

tel. 43 60 60 - 530

Do not hesitate to contact us in case of questions, or to book a table. Bon appétit!